PlanogramBuilder (3D)

Create 3D planograms, optimize and communicate product shelving in retail stores.

PlanogramBuilder is designed for manufacturers, brands and retailers who want to create planograms quickly and efficiently.

3D planogramming provides many benefits such as interactive viewing and printing from any angle, automatic product duplication along shelf depth, simulation of complex fixtures and POS elements and many other features difficult to achieve in 2D.

This version also comes with standard analysis tools to optimize shelf value and assortments.

You will find a detailed comparison of PlanogramBuilder versions here.

PlanogramBuilder Full - overview

Deployment and Infrastructure

  • Subscription-based web-connected application for Windows PC's
  • Quick and simple setup and updates at no extra cost
  • Unlimited number of users with various access rights
  • Metric and imperial units
  • German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil) and Russian
  • Common cloud-based product database for all co-workers
  • Collaborative features (project sharing, multi-user planogram templates)
  • User guide, tutorials, email and phone support included with license
PlanogramBuilder login

Planogram Creation

  • User-friendly interactive Drag & drop operation
  • Real-time 2D and 3D planogram creation and editing
  • Representation of products, POS and objects of any shape
  • Adjustable fixtures (shelves, panels, slat walls, pegboard, etc.)
  • Sales room simulation with materials (floors, walls, ceilings)
  • Intelligent physical constraints such as snaps and collisions
  • Specific placement rules for POS, shelf strips, dividers, etc.
  • Products classified by category, brand, type, etc. with thumbnails
  • Several time-saving features to align and space products on shelves
  • Display of dimensions and flow direction
Retail space simulation

Drag and Drop

Analysis and Intelligence

  • Planogram import from spreadsheets
  • Assortment suggestion based on your sales figures
  • Real-time display of value and margin for items on shelf
  • Projection of turnover and margin based on sales statistics
  • Calculation of linear, surface and volume of products on shelf
  • Highlight products per any property and per analysis values

Project analysis

Viewing and Publishing

  • Planogram reports in PDF, Excel and HTML
  • Customizable product listings (choice of properties to list)
  • Saving of presets for your favorite listing configurations
  • Schematic view with various options for clear planogram presentations
  • Page layout, color and font options for reports
  • High resolution images output ready for printing up to poster size
  • 3D stereo viewing with anaglyph glasses

Visual Quality

Product list

Content Management


more infoSee the detailed list of features !

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