Overview of PlanogramBuilder - 2D and 3D planogram software

Applications to plan, optimize and communicate product shelving in retail stores

Whether you're a brand, a distributor or a retail channel, you're confronted with limited retail space, short product lifecycle and a lot of competition.

You will loose customers if you don't help them find what they're looking for.

To increase sales, it's very important to put the right products on shelf and present them in an attractive manner.

zVisuel planogram software help you achieve professional space management and visual merchandising quickly and efficiently in 2D or in 3D depending on the version you choose.

Since 2002 our solutions are continuously evolving based on feedback from our many users.

PlanogramBuilder Overview

Worldwide access

Install PlanogramBuilder and updates in minutes on any Windows PC

Access the software and your projects from any web-connected PC

Ease of use

Drag & drop your sales room, fixtures, products and POS elements

Manipulate items in realtime with instant feedback


Complete your planograms quickly with efficient tools

Measure the shelf value and calculate your sales on the fly


Use one common product database for your whole company

Share your projects with colleagues in the Cloud

Professional Planograms

Output beautiful 2D or 3D high resolution images

Publish detailed customizable planogram reports

Planogram examples in various domains

3M Scotch-Brite TM.jpg
Abudawood Group - Clorox.jpg

Arc Building Products.jpg
Blount International.jpg

Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Stores.jpg

Cheaper Than Dirt.jpg
Danone - Nutricia.jpg

Force Technology International.jpg

Joseph Joseph.jpg
Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group - Mikyajy.jpg

King Arthur Flour.jpg


P&G Pet Care.jpg
P&G Prestige 01.jpg

Ritt-Beyer & Weir.jpg
Simba Dickie Group.jpg

Sun Generation.jpg
WYNIT Distribution.jpg

Currently working at home ?

Each user can install and use PlanogramBuilder on multiple computers, for example on your work PC and your home PC.

You always have direct access to your product database and planogram projects as these are hosted on our servers.

Two versions are available to best fit your requirements.

more infoDiscover PlanogramBuilder (3D) !

more infoDiscover PlanogramBuilder Light (2D) !

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