Case Study - Rancho Bom Supermarkets


On June 22, 2017 Rancho Bom Supermercados presented a case of productivity in supermarkets during Exposuper ACATS 2017.

The presentation of the successful case was attended by representatives of several supermarkets throughout the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, and by Directors and Administrators of Rancho Bom Supermercados.

The speaker was Rancho Bom collaborator Scheila Adriane Konell, one of those responsible for the operation of the Supply Chain sector. The technical organization was done by Mr. Raphael Figueira Costa, director of the company Figueira Costa Consultoria Empresarial, PlanogramBuilder reseller in Brazil.

The presentation was about the implementation of PlanogramBuilder, which facilitates the development of the shop plan, assembly and execution, responsible for considerably reducing the rupture rate.

Sheila presented Rancho Bom Supermercados, a family-owned company founded in 1968, with 5 stores, 2 distribution centers, 420 employees and stores in Jaraguá do Sul and Schroeder - Santa Catarina.


The following human resources and materials were required for the implementation:

  • 4 employees doing measurements
  • 2 employees collecting photos
  • 1 repository to store products
  • 2 rulers and measuring tape
  • 1 PlanogramBuilder license

The followoing technical solutions were used:

  • Indikatore Supply Chain
  • PlanogramBuilder


The program was initially a pilot for the inauguration of the fifth Rancho Bom store, located in the Barra neighborhood of the Rio Cerro in Jaraguá do Sul and today. It has since been extended to all stores.

The following is the timeline for implementation in the cited store:


Planogram generated with PlanogramBuilder software showing the location and description of items.

Ajusting shelf heights before filling.

Supply and setup of gondolas according to the planograms.


With the expansion of PlanogramBuilder to other stores, the Network had a reduction of 82% of the ruptures evaluated on the stock of the distribution center and an increase in sales of 12%.

More details

Download: Complete detailed presentation of the case study in PowerPoint format

Source link: Original article published in Portuguese (Brazil) on Rancho Bom's website

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