Frequently Asked Questions about PlanogramBuilder

General Info

Where can I find information on PlanogramBuilder?

You can start by watching the PlanogramBuilder video presentation.

Detailed information and features are available on https://planogrambuilder.com/en/.

You can also send an email message with your inquiry to planogrambuilder@zvisuel.com.

Pricing / Licensing / Distribution

Where can I find Pricing & licensing conditions for the software ?

Find your license price on our pricing & ordering page.
Just choose the number of users and the subscription duration to see what the cost will be.

Subscription price covers everything listed in the what's included page.

What Are the accepted modes of payment ?

Payment can be done either by credit card through PayPal, or by bank transfer through an invoice due after 21 days.

If you need an internal purchase order to approve the order, you can send us your PO by email.

Where are the resellers located ?

Distribution is done entirely through Internet, as the software doesn't need any physical shipment.

Please consult our list of resellers.

System Requirements

Where can I find the system requirements for the software ?

You will find this information in the user guide system requirements section.

Is there a Macintosh version of PlanogramBuilder?

PlanogramBuilder is not directly compatible with Mac OS X, however we have several customers using it on a Mac with Windows installed.

Please see the specific requirements for details.

Is there a version of PlanogramBuilder for mobile devices ?

There is no version for IOS, Android or Windows RT. However, you can use PlanogramBuilder on any Windows laptops and tablets such as Microsoft Surface Pro.


How do I download and install PlanbogramBuilder ?

There are detailed setup instructions in the user guide.

Trial version

Can I test PlanogramBuilder for free ?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our 30-day free trial of the software.

You can test both our Full (3D) and Light (2D) versions prior to committing to a purchase.

Get your free trial here.


Is there a user guide?

You can consult the user guide which is organized by topics:

Are there tutorials ?

Yes. please check the list of video tutorials.

What kind of training is provided and what are the costs associated with it ?

We do not provide on site training. However, the tutorials are simple to follow and the user guide suggests typical learning steps.

Additionally, we provide free support by email, phone and live remote sessions.

We also stress that the software is quite user-friendly and easy to learn.


Where can I find the list of features ?

You can find a compact list of features here:

There is also a more detailed list of features in our version comparison chart to help you decide which product suits your needs.

Can I manage sales data with PlanogramBuilder (business / analysis) ?

PlanogramBuilder lets you import sales figures to help you check profitability and filter assortments based on past sales (not available in Light version). Please see the user guide:

The "products" look to be 3D. How do we get our products in 3D into the program ?

PlanogramBuilder automatically generates 3D products based on the dimensions, a front image and 3D packaging shape templates (not available in Light version).

You can see the list of standard shapes in the user guide.

The system also works nicely for non-standard shapes by using images with a transparent background.

You can also import 3D models of your products and POS elements for ultra realistic visuals.

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