Contractual Conditions

Our official conditions for PlanogramBuilder purchase and usage

1. Contractual Conditions Applicability
  1. The following terms and conditions apply for all product versions of PlanogramBuilder.
  2. The following terms and conditions can be modified at any time and without prior notice by zVisuel SA.
2. Subscription License Terms
  1. PlanogramBuilder subscription licenses are subscription services which provide purchasing users the right to use the PlanogramBuilder software and accompanying services, as listed on
  2. Subscription licenses must be purchased directly from zVisuel SA or from authorized resellers listed on
  3. Subscription licenses are limited to the number of users and the period of time specified in the client order.
  4. Subscription licenses periods start at the time the software is set up and available to the client. This usually occurs within two business days after order time. zVisuel SA communicates the subscription dates to the client as soon as the license starts.
3. Owner Rights & Copyrights
  1. zVisuel SA is considered the author of the PlanogramBuilder software applications according to intellectual property laws.
  2. zVisuel SA grants the client the non exclusive rights to access and use the software for the period of time covered by the subscription license.
  3. zVisuel SA delivers only executable software objects and not the source code of the developments which remain the exclusive property of zVisuel SA.
  4. PlanogramBuilder comes with a database where the client can store and access their product line information. The content of the database is the property of the client, who is responsible for adding, removing and modifying this content. The database typically includes front images of products, product dimensions and other metadata like product name, brand, brandline, EAN codes. Geographically, time and application wise, all rights for the database content are exclusively reserved for the client. zVisuel is not allowed to re-sell or re-use the content without written permission from the client.
4. Warranty & Limitation of Liability
  1. The software developments of zVisuel are guaranteed 6 months against programming or design errors from their time of reception by the client.
  2. The warranty is limited to proper usage of the software, in particular respect of the system requirements, as defined on
  3. The warranty does not cover dysfunctions which may occur as a result of events outside zVisuel's control, such as lack of internet connectivity or poor internet connectivity at a client's site.
5. Pricing & Payment conditions
  1. All prices are specified and payable in US dollars.
  2. Pricing can be calculated online on
  3. Special discounts are available for academic users.
    • Current Discounts are 75% off regular price.
    • Eligible entities are: students, teachers, training institutions such as schools and universities.
    • Proof of eligibility will be required by zVisuel upon receipt of such order:
      • For students: a copy of your student card showing the validity year or date.
      • For teachers or academic institutions: a letter of approval for the purchase signed by the head of the program. The order must also be placed using an email address which Internet domain corresponds to the Internet domain of the academic institution.
    • Academic licenses may only be used to produce planograms for the purpose of training and learning, not for commercial use.
    • Academic licenses are limited to 1000 items in the database (500 products + 500 accessories).
    • Academic licenses display a watermark text caption on products and accessories.
    • Academic licenses can be upgraded to commercial using the upgrade button in PlanogramBuilder.
  4. Special discounts are available for charities.
    • Current Discounts are 50% off regular price.
    • Proof of eligibility will be required by zVisuel upon receipt of such order:
      • The registration number of the charity must be provided. The order must also be placed using an email adress which Internet domain corresponds to the Internet domain of the charity.
    • Charity licenses may only be used to produce planograms for the use of the charity that owns the license.
  5. Pricing can be changed without notice by zVisuel SA.
  6. 7.7% VAT is applicable for buyers residing in Switzerland. Swiss VAT is not applicable to residents of other countries.
  7. License subscription fees are due 21 days after reception of our invoice.
6. Privacy Protection
  1. zVisuel SA stores information regarding its PlanogramBuilder clients and users for internal use.
  2. zVisuel SA does not disclose any of the clients' non-public information to third parties without the agreement of the client(s).
7. Legal Jurisdiction
  1. zVisuel SA PlanogramBuilder contractual conditions abide to the laws in effect in Lausanne, Switzerland, its legal place of operation.
8. Revision Date
  1. March 30, 2023

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