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What's Included

Your PlanogramBuilder subscription includes the following services and features


  • Your subscription is valid for the duration you purchased (6 months, 1 year or 2 years).
  • Cost is based on the number of users and the chosen duration. (see pricing for details).
  • Your subscription is not automatically reconducted at the end of each subscription period. We will send you a reminder so you can decide if you wish to renew.

Set Up & Hosting

  • You don't have to set up any special hardware or software infrastructure.
  • PlanogramBuilder exists as a standalone web application or as an Internet Explorer add-on.
  • An SQL database is created and hosted for you on our servers to hold the following data:
  • Product and Shelf Tool Database: stores your products and POS items (initially empty).
  • Project Database: repository for all the planograms created by users.
  • Users Database: holds all registered users.

Access to the software

  • A secure login is created for each user in your company account.
  • Write-access to your Product Database is granted to at least one "managing user" who can organize, add, modify and remove the products available to all users in your company.

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • You benefit from all PlanogramBuilder software updates during your subscription.

Backup & Restoration

  • You can back-up and restore your database and projects locally at any time.
  • Additionally, we back-up all databases weekly and can restore yours in case of user errors.

User Management

  • Whenever you need to add or remove accredited users, zVisuel will do it within two open days following your request.

User support

  • Free assistance is provided to all paying users. Please see the Support section for details.

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