PlanogramBuilder Version Comparison

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PlanogramBuilder version Light Full 
Installation and Updates
Works on any PC with Internet o o
Quick and easy setup (standalone or Web application) o o
Unattended installation possible (for standalone version) o o
Latest software updates available online with subscription o o
No need to install any server or database o o
Can be upgraded to full version (no downgrade from Full to Light) o
Access and Security
Worldwide access from any Web connected PC o o
Encrypted data transfer (https) o o
Unlimited number of users and projects o o
Secured access granted only to authorized users o o
Different access rights for specific types of users o o
Database backup and restore o o
Planogram projects backup and restore o o
Collaborative features
Common product database for all co-workers o o
Send editable planograms to co-workers worldwide o o
Template and shared planogram projects instantly available to co-workers o o
Merging of several projects together o o
2D front view o o
High quality detailed visuals o o
Products can be shown with text labels for quick identification o o
Interactive zoom and pan o o
Show dimension lines o o
Show flow direction o o
3D interactive view from any angle o
Interactive walk mode o
User adjustable floor Grid (with snap) o
Planogram overlay on photo with perspective match o
Lighting direction and intensity o
Variable field of view o
3D stereo viewing with anaglyph glasses o
Common Editing Features
Drag & drop planogram creation o o
Interactive real-time editing and preview o o
Intelligent physical constraints (collisions, auto-snap, etc.) o o
Selection with rectangle, mouse click and modifiers (Shift, Ctrl) o o
Multiple undo's and redo's o o
Room o
3D sales room simulation with parametric elements: o
Floors o
Walls o
Ceilings o
Predefined supplied material library (ex: bricks, hardwood floors, tiles) o
Create your own materials by importing images (floor plans, materials) o
Fixtures o
2D fixtures o o
Save fixtures as projects / templates for reusal o o
Delete fixtures and individual fixture elements o o
Parametric fixtures with precise dimensionning o o
Support for multiple adjacent and non-adjacent fixtures o o
Move fixtures and individual fixture elements o o
Intelligent fixture scaling (preserve thicknesses while scaling) o o
Space fixture elements evenly (horizontally, vertically) o o
Align fixture elements (top, bottom, left, right) o o
Apply colors and pictures onto fixture elements o o
Backwalls (includes adjustable pegboards and slat walls) o o
Shelves o o
Side panels and dividers (for pigeon holes, etc.) o o
3D fixtures o
Free Bay positionning and orientation o
Fixture base o
Fixture top cover o
Slanted shelves o
Transparent fixture elements o
Adjustable peg length o
Limit the number of facings deep per shelf o
2D products o o
Parametric products stored in database o o
Classification with 3 customizable levels (category, brand, product line, etc.) o o
Listings with thumbnail views o o
Search and filter by name, sku, etc. o o
Shelved products o o
Stacked products (including nesting) o o
Pegged products o o
Move o o
Rotate o o
Copy o o
Delete o o
Align multiple items (top, bottom, left, right) o o
Space mutiple items evenly (horizontally, vertically) o o
Pack multiple items on shelf (left, center, right) o o
Space multiple items to fill shelf width o o
Mirror multiple items horizontally o o
Highlight disabled items o o
3D products o
Automatic repetition of items along depth based on shelf / peg length o
Manual override of number of items in depth o
Adjustable gap between items in depth o
Align facings to front / back of shelf / peg o
POS and other non-sellable items
2D POS elements o o
Parametric items stored in database o o
Listings with thumbnail views and sorting by classification o o
Search and filter by name, sku, etc. o o
Product testers (auto placement in front of selleable products) o o
Shelf strips (auto snap on shelf front edge) o o
Panels (auto snap on back panel. Ex: posters) o o
Stickers (auto snap on strips or shelves. Ex: product cards) o o
Bay Headers (auto snap over back panel) o o
Move o o
Copy o o
Delete o o
3D POS elements o
Ondisplay (Out-of-box items) o
Aisle dividers (auto-snap to shelf front edge) o
Price tags (with automatic display of product price) o
Business Intelligence
Schematic view with various display options o o
Import planograms from spreadsheets o
Import sales figures from spreadsheets (sku's wholesale price, retail price, units sold) o
Real-time calculation of planogram shelf value and sales forecast: o
Wholesale value o
Retail value o
Markup value & percentage o
Retail margin o
Assortment analysis based on your sales figures with Pareto treshold o
Define assortment and pre-fill fixtures based on best sellers with Pareto treshold o
Space usage calculations: linear space, surface, volume (per facing, product, row and fixture) o
Planogram reports in Microsoft Excel and Web compatible format o o
Layout options (page size, font type, size and color, resolution, etc.) o o
High resolution images output ready for printing up to poster size o o
Include orthographic images in reports (project and bays, realistic and schematics) o o
Customizable Product and Shelf Tool listing with: o o
Bay name(s) o o
Item numbering o o
Shelf / row numbering o o
Item reference (ex: sku, ean) o o
Item classification (category, brand, product line, etc.) o o
Item name o o
Item Custom properties (ex: weight, region, etc.) o o
Number of facings wide (with totals) o o
Number of facings high (with totals) o o
Item Width o o
Item Height o o
Item Behavior (shelved, pegged, stacked; bay header, shelf strip, etc.) o o
Linear space [cm] (with totals) o o
Linear space [%] (with totals) o o
Facings area [cm2] (with totals) o o
Facings area [%] (with totals) o o
Include perspective images in reports (project and bays, realistic and schematics) o
Number of facings deep (with totals) o
Capacity (with totals) o
Item Depth o
Unit wholesale price o
Unit retail price o
Wholesale value (with totals) o
Retail value (with totals) o
Retail margin o
Volume used [cm3] (with totals) o
Volume used [%] (with totals) o
Content Management
Planogram projects repository with title, date, user, etc. o o
Projects backup and restore o o
Optional multi-database structure with common and separate repositories o o
Built-in database editor for product and POS o o
Batch import items into database from spreadsheets and image files o o
Database updates instantly visible to co-workers o o
Database backup and restore o o
Standard parameters for database items: o o
3 level classification (category, brand, product line, etc.) o o
Reference (ex: sku, ean) o o
Name o o
Custom properties (ex: weight, region, etc.) o o
Width, Height o o
Behavior (pegged, stackable, tester, shelf strip, bay header, etc.) o o
Color o o
Main image (ex: front image) (jpg, png, bmp, etc.) o o
Image transparency support (alpha channel) o o
Additional parameters for database items: o
Depth o
multiple images per item (ex: side or top) (jpg, png, bmp, etc.) o
3D shapes (box, bag, pouch, can, blister, etc.) o
Automatic generation of 3D items based on dimensions, shape and image(s) o
Import your own 3D shapes for non-standard items (*.3ds format) o
Optional paid service to add 3D shapes for non-standard items o
Metric and Imperial units support o o
Choice of German, English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Bulgarian and Russian o o
Support for non-latin characters (unicode) o o
User manual o o
Video tutorials o o
Free email support o o
Free phone or Skype support (standard phone rates apply if you call) o o
Free remote assistance (TeamViewer) o o

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