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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder latest update !

Installation in Google Chrome

  • The PlanogramBuilder installation procedure for Google Chrome has changed: please follow the on-screen instructions when you update PlanogramBuilder.
  • After September 2015, PlanogramBuilder will no longer work in Google Chrome. You will still be able to run PlanogramBuilder in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. By this time, we will also provide an alternative solution requiring no web browser.

Reports and analytical enhancements

  • Planogram Reports can now also be saved in Microsoft Excel format including calculation formulas.
  • Reports can now display columns with financial data based on the Profitability Study:
    • Product sales data: Quantity sold, Unit wholesale price, Unit retail price
    • Planogram Sales forecast / On shelf value: Wholesale value, Retail value, Markup, Markup [%], Profit margin
  • A new feature in the Assortment Analysis lets you generate a filtered Product Catalog based on imported sales figures.
  • Files in Unicode text format are now supported as input for Assortment Analysis and Profitability Study

Flexible product orientation

  • New commands let you rotate products in your planograms by 90° increments in any orientation.

Database new features

  • New commands let you import and export your PlanogramBuilder database also without the accompanying product images.
  • A new 3D box shape named box 4pics - 1 front - 2 left - 3 right - 4 top is provided with support for 4 images per product. Additional custom 3D shapes with up to 4 images can also be ordered from us.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Shelf strip and shelf badge behaviors: these items are now aligned with the top of the shelf for greater realism.
  • A picture previously applied onto a bay can now also be removed.
  • Priority can be given to either Overall height or Distance between shelves, thereby improving control when creating new bays.

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