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zVisuel can help you integrate products in PlanogramBuilder

Content Production

In PlanogramBuilder, you can manage your complete database: add, organize, rename or delete products and shelf tools, change their dimensions and pictures, etc.

Using our predefined packaging shapes, such as boxes, pouches and blister packs, you won't need any 3D skills to integrate most products in 3D.

You can even import your own 3D models to add complex shapes for items such as out-of-box products or custom POS material.

If our standard 3D shapes don't suit your items and you don't have 3D models available, we also provide a range of services to help you build and maintain your 3D PlanogramBuilder database:

  • Conversion of existing products database
  • Integration of new products and updates
  • Photographs and image processing
  • Product packages: any packaging shape such as bottles, bags, containers, etc.
  • Out-of-box items: products that you want to display on shelf without packaging.
  • POS and shelf tools: custom bins, presenters, shelf labels, shelf strips, bay banners, bay separators and any other merchandizing elements you may have.

Our PlanogramBuilder content creation service is quick and efficient and will support your merchandising activities throughout the evolution of your product line.

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