Planograms for electricity

zVisuel PlanogramBuilder - planogram sofware for electrical supplies


Features of interest

PlanogramBuilder is well suited for electrical supplies and related fixtures:

  • Products of any size, from small fuses all the way to long channels and cables.
  • Fixtures with shelving, pegboards and slat walls to accomodate any product.
  • Products of any shape such as Out-of-Box using transparent PNG images or your own 3D models.

The application includes all the standard tools for interactive visual merchandising of your retail space, fixtures, products and POS elements.
Your sales data can also be used to help you optimize your assortment.

Two versions are available to best fit your requirements:

Suitable domains

PlanogramBuilder works for all electricity related goods:

  • automotive
  • camping
  • crafts
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
  • electricity
  • farming
  • gardening
  • hardware
  • lighting
  • materials
  • outdoor
  • pools
  • survival
  • tools

Business types

Our planogram software is used at various levels of the supply chain:

  • brands & manufacturers
  • suppliers & distributors
  • stores & retailers
  • agencies & consultants

They trust PlanogramBuilder for electricity related products

Alliance Automotive Group Alpine Corporation Arc Building Products Balmoral International C. Brewer & Sons Corbeo Crafter Den Braven DS Produkte Energie Distribution Eur'ohm Exhart GRE Helix Automotive JC Licht Keystone Group Metafranc Mirtak Nordic Distribution Prime Wire & Cable Productos Flower Sani Marc Schlueter-Systems Test Rite Tepro Traeger Trio

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