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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder release 41 !

Product facings

    Control the number of product facings in Width and Height. (just Depth before)
  • New parameters in Item Info: Facings Wide, Facings High, Width gap, Height gap. More info !
  • Increase/Decrease facings with keyboard, mouse, buttons and precise values. More info !
  • Set Width and Height gap values in database. More info !

Resize handles

Schematic View / Reports

    New and improved schematic View and Report features.
  • Show multiple label captions including item position number in schematic view. More info !
  • Show multiple label captions including item position number in reports. More info !
  • Group the labels of adjacent facings in schematic view / reports. More info !
  • Include product thumbnails in reports. More info !

Replace products

  • Substitute a product in your planogram with one from the catalog. More info !

Pegged products

  • Display the actual peg hooks in planograms. More info !
  • Specify the initial offset values of pegged products in Database. More info !

Improved Tags

Additional improvements

  • Simplified solution to let items overlap and overhang shelves. More info !
  • Simplified solution to let items overlap and overhang back panels. More info !
  • Search & display items by multiple criteria in catalog. More info !
  • Improved dimension lines (color choice, more dimensions shown). More info !
  • New Box room element can be used to create room structures, pillars, etc. * More info !
  • More database custom properties available: 6 instead of 3. More info !
  • Background color now an application-wide setting. More info !
  • You can walk with keyboard arrow keys. * More info !
  • R  is the new shortcut for selecting the Edit Room Element tool. * More info !
  • Custom mouse cursors introduced for many tools (ex: zoom, move, pick color).


Note:  features marked with * are not available in PlanogramBuilder Light version.

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