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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder update v40 !


    You can now simulate your sales room in 3D with PlanogramBuilder. *
  • The Room task lets you add and edit Floors, Walls, Ceilings.More info !
  • You can also apply predefined and custom Materials to your room.More info !
  • Use the existing Free Bays mode to place your fixtures anywhere on the sales floor.More info !


    The Grid feature has been improved. *
  • You can snap Room Elements and Bays to the Grid for easy positionning.More info !
  • Grid spacing can now be changed by the user.More info !
  • The Grid shortcut is now "g" for more convenience (Generic item shortcut is now "n").More info !


    There are new and improved dimensioning features.
  • Dimension display is context-sensitive: Room, Bay, Bay Element; onscreen, Reports.More info !
  • You can show distances between Shelves and Dividers.More info !
  • Dimensions of Room Elements can also be shown. *More info !
  • Dimension text and arrows are scaled to 3mm text height (onscreen, Pictures, Reports).More info !
  • The keyboard shortcut to toggle dimension display onscreen is "d".More info !

Walk tool

    The enhanced Walk tool lets you simulate walking in your sales area. *
  • A Walk button (shortcut "w") give instant access to the walk tool.More info !
  • Start walking and you are automatically at human eye level.More info !


    Several enhancements improve viewing planograms onscreen and in Reports.
  • Top Views can be published in Reports. *More info !
  • Onscreen Top View is accessible with the shortcut "t". *More info !
  • You can Zoom in and out with your mouse scroll wheel.More info !
  • The predefined Default View (View All) can be activated with the shortcut "a".More info !

Products & Database

  • Products can now be aligned to the front or back of Shelves and Pegs (depth alignment). *More info !
  • The Database Import L command now ignores images altogether.More info !
  • The text to display on Tags is easier to set with a dedicated Caption parameter. *More info !



  • PlanogramBuilder video tutorial 4 is now available: Introduction to the database.Check it out !

Note: features marked with * are not available in PlanogramBuilder Light version.

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