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July 2013 News
Vending PlanogramBuilder is here!

We are pleased to announce the latest news about PlanogramBuilder.

Vending PlanogramBuilder, the 1st merchandising software designed for vending

  • Online Web application
  • 3D planograms with exceptional visual quality
  • High-resolution images ready for print
  • Quick and intuitive learning
  • Included database pre-filled with common vending machines and products
  • Multi-user capability
  • More info available at / FD Conseil, conceptor and commercial channel for Vending PlanogramBuilder

Release 29 of PlanogramBuilder, our 3D online planogramming software, includes the following updates:

PlanogramBuilder now available in other languages!

More flexible database with custom columns

  • 3 new custom columns available in the Product and Shelf Tool database
  • Each column can be named freely and filled with additional properties of each item, such as Weight, 2nd product code, Price, etc.

Vending PlanogramBuilder
Vending PlanogramBuilder

PlanogramBuilder languages
PlanogramBuilder languages

custom database columns
custom database columns