Replace Products


You can replace a product already in your planogram by a product from the catalog. This lets you exchange products in a slot quickly without having to delete the replaced product first.

To replace a product:

  1. Select the Products task and make sure the Edit Item Tool is active.
  2. Click and hold your mouse button on an object in the catalog.
  3. Maintain your mouse button down + hold the Alt keyboard key while dragging the item over the product to replace in your planogram.
  4. Release the mouse button and the product will replace the old product facings.


Drag the new product over the product to replace.


The old product is replaced by the new product with fitting facings.



When you replace a product, all parameters of the replaced facing(s) are transferred to the new facings (product behavior, facings gaps, …), except the number of facings which is automatically computed as follows:

Ex: if you replace a product by one that has exact same dimensions, the same number of facings is placed in the space.

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