Rotate Products



These commands let you rotate selected products by increments around the selected axis X, Y or Z.

  1. Select one or more product(s) (see Select Items).
  2. Open the Edit menu.
  3. In the Rotate group, select one of these commands.



  1. The selected products have now been rotated.


While in Products task or Item Info task, the Rotate clockwise… commands are also available as buttons in the Edit toolbar.



The Rotate… commands rotate products in 90 degree increments.

Note: Use Shift+click on the rotate icons to invert the rotation direction.

Keyboard shortcuts: up, down, left and right Arrows


The Product Upside Down command let you to rotate selected products by 180 degrees: The front face still faces you, but the product(s) is (are) then upside down.

Keyboard shortcut: U


Example of a rotated product:


                        initial orientation                             270 degree Y rotation


Tip: These commands are also available in the Context menu > Edit > Rotate.

Note: If you have created a front panel covering your shelves, such as a glass door on a cooler, you may not be able to select any product behind the front panel. Please see Front Panel Visibility for help.

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