Move Items




You can move products and shelf tools on your bays:


1.      Select the desired item(s) (see Select Items). They (It) become(s) highlighted and a move pointer is displayed.

2.      Press and hold the mouse button with the pointer over the selected item(s) and move the mouse to the desired new position, even to another bay.

3.      Release the mouse button. The item is now in the new position.



If there is some empty space between products, it is very easy to close these gaps thanks to the anti-collision feature: select the product(s), then click it and drag it/them against the other products; it will push the other products along the shelf much like in the real world:




Tip: Although the automatic collision feature is convenient, there are times when you may want to disable collisions. Please see Collisions for details.

Tip: if you have selected several objects, you can move them together with a single drag and drop mouse operation. (See Select Multiple Items.)

Tip: See Auto-Snapping Items to change the way items are automatically positioned adjacent when they are close to each other.

Note: If you have created a front panel covering your shelves, such as a glass door on a cooler, you may not be able to select any products behind the front panel. Please see Front Panel Visibility for help.

Tip: When moving one or several products on a bay, you can invert their current placement mode (pegged or standard) by holding the shift key until you drop the products in position.

For example:

1.      Select several products placed on a shelf

2.      Hold the left mouse button down and start dragging the products onto the bay back wall.

3.      Press and hold the Shift key

4.      Release the mouse button when the products are in position against the back wall. The products are now pegged. If you hadn’t pressed the Shift key, you could only have placed the products on a shelf.

Tip: When you want to work only with products, you can lock shelf tools in place to prevent accidentally moving existing shelf tools. See Bay Locked Shelf Tools.

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