Select Bay Elements


The Edit Bay Element tool lets you select elements and perform various operations such as editing the bay elements and their properties, or moving and copying elements.

To select bay element(s):

  1. Click on the Edit Bay Element button (or keyboard shortcut S, or in the Edit menu, or in the Context menu > Edit). Switching to the Modify Bay task also automatically activates this tool.


  1. Select bay element(s):
  2. To select one bay element, click on a bay element in the viewing area.
  3. To select multiple bay elements: hold the Ctrl key while clicking on desired bay elements, or draw a rectangle with your mouse pointer across the desired elements.
  4. The selected bay element(s) become(s) highlighted in blue and you can perform several tasks such as deleting, moving, changing dimensions, etc.

Note: some bay elements that have very different properties cannot be selected together.

Note: you can select multiple elements each belonging to different bays.

Note: Selecting a bay (bays) with the Edit Bay tool also selects all its (their) bay elements, allowing you to set common parameters for all elements in one shot, such as a common color for example.

Tip: To deselect the bay element(s), click in an empty area in the viewing area, or select another bay element.

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