Add Bay Elements



In Modify Bay task, under New Elements, you can add the following bay elements to any existing bay:

·         Back panel: a fixture element onto which you can place pegged products and shelf tools (panel). Drag it to the bay from the New Elements pane.

·         Divider: a vertical separation to create pigeon holes or side panels. Products will not be allowed to cross this element if Collisions is ON for the bay element.

Or drag this element and disable collisions on its properties to create any structural fixture element with no specific planogramming function, such as feet, posts, etc.

·         Front Panel: a structural fixture element best used to represent front doors or other front panels in your bays. The advantage of this type of element is that it can be hidden in case you have products behind it (see Front Panel Visibility).

By default front panels span the height and width of the bay and are positioned on the front of the bay.

·         Shelf: a special fixture element onto which you can Add Products on Shelves and shelf tools such as shelf strips or price tags.


To add bay elements:

1.      Make you have at least one bay in your planogram. Otherwise see Create Bay.

2.      In Modify Bay task, drag new elements from the palette to the bay.

3.      Change the properties of the bay elements if needed (see Bay Element Common Parameters).

4.      Save your empty bay as a project if you wish to re-use it later.

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