Rotate Bays


Rotate Bays with Mouse


In Free Bays mode, you can rotate bay(s) with your mouse around the scene vertical axis:

  1. Click on the Rotate Bay tool (or in the Edit menu, or Context menu > Edit).


  1. Select the bay(s) to rotate by clicking on it (use Ctrl+click to select several bays).
  2. Press the mouse button and drag your mouse to the left or right to rotate the bay.
  3. Release the mouse button when the bay(s) has(have) the desired orientation.


The rotation center is located at the center of the selected bay(s).

With the Grid Off, bays are rotated to 5 degree rounded orientation values.

With the Grid On, bays are rotated to 90 degree rounded orientation values.

To rotate the bay(s) completely freely, you can hold the space bar while rotating, producing a slower motion and preventing orientation rounding.

You can also specify precise values. See Enter Bay Orientation.

Enter Bay Orientation


In Free Bays mode, you can Specify Precise bay Orientation around the vertical axis and front / back inclination:


Orientation sets the angle of the bay(s) in degrees around the vertical axis. A value of 0 is the default value and makes the bay face the screen in Default view.

Inclination sets the angle of the bay(s) is specified in degrees around the Y axis. A value of 0 is the default value and makes the bay vertical.


Tip: You can select several bays and apply common new values to these bays together. In this case, each bay is rotated around its respecive center. If you rather want to rotate multiple bays as a group around a common center, use the following method: Rotate Bays with Mouse.

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