Select Bays


The Edit Bay tool lets you select elements and perform various operations such as editing the bay properties or moving and copying bays.

To select Bay(s):

  1. Click on the Edit Bay tool (or with keyboard shortcut B, or from the Edit menu).


  1. Select Bay(s):
  1. Selected bay(s) become(s) highlighted in blue and you can perform several tasks on the bays such as deleting, moving, changing dimensions, etc. You can also change common parameters on all bay elements of the selected bay(s). For example, assign one color to all bay elements without having to select each bay element separately.

Tip: To deselect the bay(s), click in an empty area in the viewing area, or select another bay.

Tip: this tool is also available in the Edit menu andContext menu > Edit.

Keyboard Shortcut: B

Note: The keyboard shortcut and menu command activates the Edit Bay tool, but do not activate the Modify Bay task.

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