Bay Editing Options



There are some main options which will affect the way bays can be edited and placed in your planograms.

Free Bays (Bay Placement Mode)

In PlanogramBuilder, you can choose to place your bays in two different modes depending on your needs:

Free Bays OFF

In this mode, bays are always placed side-by-side adjacent and parallel to each others. This mode is well suited for planogram projects that represent a single store aisle.

To turn the Free Bays mode OFF, do the following:

  1. Open the Edit Menu.
  2. Uncheck the menu item labeled Free Bays.
  3. The Free Bays menu item shows no checkmark if the mode is OFF.

Here is an example of bays with Free bay OFF below:



Free Bays On

In this mode, each bay can be freely positioned and oriented in your planogram project. This mode is well suited for planograms that represent a more complex retail area, such as non adjacent bays, several aisles, a shop-in-shop or simply multi-sided fixtures.

To turn the Free Bays mode ON, do the following:

  1. Open the Edit Menu.
  2. Check the menu item labeled Free Bays.
  3. The Free Bays menu item shows a checkmark if the mode is ON.

Here is an example of Free bay ON below:



Note: The selected mode is saved with the current project.

Note: Free bays is turned OFF by default for new projects.

Warning: Turning Free bays OFF in a project that contains freely positioned bays will reposition all bays to be aligned and adjacent to each others.

Note: If your current project has Free bays OFF and you merge a Free bays project (Add project), Free bays will automatically be turned ON for the current project to allow positionning the merged bays correctly.

Tip: this tool is also available in the Edit menu andContext menu > Edit.

Tip: Use the Walk tool to simulate walking in the retail area.

Locked Bays for Standard Users

Note: Only available to a PlanogramBuilder Administrator

It is possible to completely disable all bay creation and editing features for Standard Users. This is typically useful when one or more PlanogramBuilder Administrator(s) is (are) in charge of creating the bays and make them available to other users as templates or share all Projects.

To disable bay access to Standard Users:

  1. Click on Settings.


  1. Under Settings affecting all users, un-check Standard users can edit bays.

When checked, the following applies:

Standard Users can access the Create Bay and Modify Bay tasks and commands to create and edit Bays.

When un-checked, the following applies:

The Create Bay and Modify Bay task tabs are hidden to standard users. Only PlanogramBuilder administrators can see these tabs, hence only them can create and edit bays.

All menus and actions related to bay editing are also disabled for standard users. (Ex: B key has no effect.)

Front Panel Visibility

You can toggle the visibility of all front panels. Hiding front panels lets you select and edit products behind the panels. See Show Front Panels.

Peg Hook Visibility

You can toggle displaying the hooks of pegged products. See Show Peg Hooks.

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