Add Bay


To add a new bay to your current planogram:

  1. Activate the Create Bay task.
  2. Set the New Bay Parameters.
  3. Click on Add to put the new bay in your planogram.


The bay is placed at the center of the scene if there is space, otherwise to the right of any existing bay.

Clicking Add several times will create exactly the same bay.

Tip: Just after you have defined and added the desired bays to the viewing area, it can be useful to save the project with the empty bays to be re-used as a template. You can name it for example "Template bays for store X"; then you just need to drag that template from the Template Catalog to start a new project with the same bays.

Tip: To create new bays, you can also copy existing bay(s) from your planogram and modify it / them if necessary.

Tip: this command is also available in the Edit menu and Context menu > Edit.


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