Room Element Materials


Apply Room Element Materials



You can make room elements look more realistic by applying materials.

PlanogramBuilder comes with a set of predefined commonly used materials

You can also add your own materials to the database and they will be available in the materials Catalog. For example you can import a floor plan image of your sales surface, then apply it to a floor element and use it as a basis to construct your room in 3D. See Add Database Item.

Note: Predefined materials cannot be removed from the Catalog and are not listed in Database Editor.


To apply a material to an element or to a one of its surfaces:

  1. Find the desired material in the Material catalog shown above
  2. Drag the material thumbnail to the desired room element in your planogram.
  3. The material is now applied to the element.


Example of a room with a combination of room elements and materials.


Adjust Room Element Materials


Once a material has been applied, you can adjust it as follows:


  1. Select one or more room element(s) which have at least one material applied.
  2. Edit the material:

Clear button (small red cross): Removes a material from the selected elements.

Tile: Changes the way the material is scaled on the room element.


Example of a material with Tile ON, Width 80 cm, Height 80cm. The image is repeated.



Example of a material with Tile OFF. The image is stretched to fill the element.

Note: floors, ceilings and boxes have 1 material, while walls can have 2 materials, one for each side of the wall. To apply a material to the desired side of a wall, make sure to orbit the view so that the desired side is visible before dragging the material onto it.

Tip: If you want to re-use a room in other planograms, save the room as a project and make it a Template Projects available in the Template Catalog to drag into any other planogram.


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