Move Room Elements


Move Room Elements with Mouse


You can move room elements with the mouse in any direction on a horizontal plane.

  1. Select the desired element(s). They (It) become(s) highlighted and a move pointer is displayed.
  2. Press and hold the mouse button with the pointer over the selected elements(s) and move the mouse to the desired new position.
  3. Release the mouse button.



Example of moving a wall with grid snapping

Note: You can also specify precise values. See Enter Room Element Position.

Enter Room Element Position


To position room elements precisely:

  1. Select the desired room element(s).
  2. Under Selected [element type], change the Position Y, Z and/or × values. Each position axis color is also shown in the viewing area axis tripod to help you see to what direction it corresponds.


  1. The selected room element(s) is (are) moved to the specified values.


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