PlanogramBuilder Introduction

PlanogramBuilder is an application to create planograms in 3D. Planograms help you plan, optimize and communicate the placement of your products in retail stores.

PlanogramBuilder is a web-based application running on Windows PCs. Your company can have any number of users accessing PlanogramBuilder from anywhere with a web-capable PC.

This system is very flexible as it can suit small companies with a single person doing planograms or very large companies with 500 persons doing planograms across the world.

The PlanogramBuilder solution is designed for an easy and seamless deployment with a ready-to-use centralized database that can carry all your product line. This means that all of your users will have access to the same set of products.

The database is hosted on our servers, so you don’t need any database knowledge to use PlanogramBuilder.

Typically, one or a few designated power user(s) in your company (PlanogramBuilder Administrator) manage(s) the product database. The other users (Standard Users) are able to create, edit and publish planograms. See all the difference between user roles in Choosing User Roles.

When a PlanogramBuilder Administrator adds a product to your PlanogramBuilder database, this product instantly becomes available to each user of your company for planogramming.


     Schematic representation of the PlanogramBuilder solution

PlanogramBuilder includes many features to let you create beautiful planograms quickly, to analyze potential returns and to export reports and images of your planograms. The summary list of features is available on our web site at, and a video tour at

In this user guide, we will explain in detail all features and tools available in the application. You will also find many tips and shortcuts to be more efficient with PlanogramBuilder.

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