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User guide

This user guide is your main reference material for learning how to use PlanogramBuilder. It is accessible by clicking on the Help button in PlanogramBuilder.

Its sections are organized in a way that should match the chronological learning process. We therefore advise you to browse it in the order the chapters are presented.

It also contains many step-by-step instructions with illustrations and screen captures to show you how to perform typical tasks.

The user guide does include topics on all features available in the application so it is our most complete source of information.

If you have trouble finding a topic in the tree menu on the left pane (Contents), you can also search Topics in a listing (Topics) or by text search (Search).

Each section can also be printed out individually should you want to keep a paper reference for more complex features. Use the link labeled Print current topic on the upper right corner of this page.

A PDF version with the exact same content is also available from the link in the top right corner of this page: User guide in PDF format.


This user guide includes a few tutorials with sample files when necessary for the more complex tasks. You will come across them when you consult one of these advanced topics.

There are also video tutorials on PlanogramBuilder YouTube channel: These video tutorials can also be opened directly from within the application by clicking on the Tutorials button.


Many tools and command names in PlanogramBuilder are quite self-explanatory. Additionally hovering your mouse over any button displays a tooltip with a quick textual description.


Some often asked general questions are listed in our FAQ:

User assistance

If you are stuck with using some feature or have a question, we will gladly assist you. Please see the dedicated section of this user guide: Assistance.

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