Share Projects

Several features let you Template Projects and/or share projects with other PlanogramBuilder users in your company:

The above features allow sharing planograms for further editing as explained in the sections below.

Note: Of course you can also output finished planogram pictures and reports for people who don't have PlanogramBuilder. In this case see Publish.

Send a Project Copy

To send a copy of one of your projects to one or several other PlanogramBuilder user(s) in your company, follow theses steps:

  1. Click on the Manage button. It will open a dialog with a list of your planogram projects. (See Project List.)


  1. Select the desired project in the list.
  2. Under Send project parameters on the right of the screen, in the drop-down list next to Recipients, select the destination user(s). To select several recipients, just pick them one by one in the list. They will be added to the recipients text field just below.


Tip: If you or your colleagues don’t remember your user name, you can find it like this: PlanogramBuilder displays the current user name at the upper right of the work screen as shown in the blue circle below.


  1. Click the Send button.


  1. When the operation is complete, you will see a confirmation message in the bottom toolbar. The project automatically becomes available in the list of projects of the destination user(s) for opening and editing.

Note: Once a project has been sent to other user(s), your original project and the sent project are totally independent from each other. The sent project is a copy with no connection to the original project. If you wish other users to see the evolution of your project, send the project again, or use a shared Template Project, or else share all projects with other users (see Share All Projects).

Template Projects

Templates are typically projects containing items that you and optionally other users want to re-use on a regular basis, such as your empty rooms, empty bays or guideline planograms.

Only PlanogramBuilder Administrators can create templates, but standard users can see and open any existing template.

Only the owner of a template project is allowed to delete or make modifications to it. Other users can open the template project, but they must save it under another project name if they wish to retain any changes they have made. This prevents users from inadvertently changing the original template.

To set a project as template, follow these steps (Note: Only available to a PlanogramBuilder Administrator)

  1. Click on the Manage button. It will open a dialog with a list of your projects. (See Project List.)


  1. Select a project in the list.
  2. Check the Template checkbox on the right of the screen under Project properties.


  1. Press the Update button on the toolbar to apply your changes.


Note: A user can only assign his/her own projects as templates.

Note: In Open Project or Add Project (Merge), template projects appear in the list of projects with a special checkmark under the column labeled Template.

Template Catalog


The template catalog is accessed by clicking on theTemplates tab. It lets you view all your template projects as thumbnails. Any template project can then be merged into your current project by drag and drop.

This feature is very convenient if you want to make available premade rooms, fixtures or guideline projects to all users in your company.


The various elements of the Templates task work very much the same way as Product Catalog, with templates sorted by classification and a text search filter.

Share All Projects

Note: Only available to a PlanogramBuilder Administrator

If there are several PlanogramBuilder users in your company, the option called Shared Projects lets users share all their Planogram projects.

To set your preference for Share Projects between users, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings.


  1. Under Settings affecting all users > Shared projects, select the desired option:



Administrators only:

All users:

Note: No matter the setting for this option, Locked projects cannot be saved while the flag is ON, and Template projects can only be saved by their owner while the flag is ON.

Tip: You can use this feature to manage the sample project provided with PlanogramBuilder:

  1. Select Administrators only or All users (maybe temporarily)
  2. Close the Settings panel
  3. Click on the Manage button on the upper toolbar
  4. Although you are not the owner of the project named sample planogram, you can see it and select it in Project List.
  5. Once this project selected, you can change any of its properties and even delete it.


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