Project List

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The project list is displayed when you click on Open Project or Manage Projects. It lets you view and select all your saved projects.


Tip: the project list also opens if you click on Open or Manage in the Project menu or in the Context menu > Project.

Select Project

To select a project, click on its line in the list.

Use the Up/Down arrow keys to switch to the previous/next project.

A maximum of 50 projects is shown on each page. If there are more than 50 projects, they are displayed on additional pages. To select another page to display, use the page navigation tools in the lower left corner of the panel:

Note: If your screen is small, scroll down to see more items.

Sort Projects

Click on the headers at the top of each column to sort the projects according to the column content.

For example, to order the list by project names, click on the Name header. To order it by most recent modification dates, click on Date Modified.

When you click again on a header, the order is reversed.

Note: The last-used sort criteria and sort direction persist for your next session.

Filter Projects

You can also use Search Filters to display only projects matching specific criteria. All the text filters accept single or multiple keywords following these rules:

Example: typing Special campaign in the Name Search filter box will display all the projects containing Special AND campaign in their name.

To clear a text filter, click on the relevant Clear button (red cross). To clear a drop-down filter, select the asterisk in the list.

Note: The Owner column and filter are only visible to users with shared projects enabled (see Sharing All Projects).

Tip: You can switch the selected project in the list to the one above or below with the Up and Down arrow key on your keyboard.

Tip: You can use the Enter key to open the selected project.


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