Edit Database Item


Note: Only available to a PlanogramBuilder Administrator

Tip: The process described in this section is for modifying one item at a time. Another feature, Batch Import Database Items, lets you to update batches of items and is much quicker when you need to modify several items in one shot.

  1. Select the type of items to edit with the radio button: Materials, Products or Accessories.
  2. Find the item you want to modify in the list.

Note: You may have to scroll down to access the bottom of the list if there are many items. If you have more than 200 items listed, the list will split into several pages. Click on the page numbers below the list to access other pages.

Tip: Use the Item Filters to reduce the number of items displayed and find your item faster.

  1. In the Item Details area, enter the desired values in the available property fields. Please refer to the section Add Database Item as the process is almost the same. The only difference is that you cannot edit the Reference value of an existing item.
  2. Press the Update (Enter key) or Cancel (Esc key) button to validate or cancel changes.
  3. After pressing Update, the item will be re-generated in 3D. This may take some time if you are uploading an image.
  4. You will see your updated item in the preview area.

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