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Note: Only available to a PlanogramBuilder Administrator

Video tutorial on this topic: 5: Adding your first product to the database

Video tutorial on this topic: 6: Adding products of various shapes to the database

Video tutorial on this topic: 7: Adding accessories to the database


In this section we explain how to add materials, products and accessories to the PlanogramBuilder database so you can then create planograms with your own items.

Tip: The process described in this section is for adding one item at a time. You can also use Batch Import Database Items to add several items quickly.

Tip: We advise backing up and then Clear Database to save and remove the sample items provided with the application before adding your own items.


  1. Select the type of items to add: Products or Accessories or Materials.
  2. Click on the New Item button.


  1. In the Item Details on the right of your screen, fill-in the Database Item Properties to define your new item. Please consult the Database Item Reference for the detailed description of each property.



  1. New Item Details for product



New Item Details for material

  1. Create / Cancel: Once you have entered all the desired values, press the Create button to validate the creation of your new item. (You can also press the Enter key on your keyboard.) Your new item will be created and becomes selected in the Item List. Otherwise, if you have changed your mind and don't want to create the new item, you can press the Cancel button (or the Escape key).


Notes for all types of items:

Note: Properties in Item Details are divided into 2 groups:

Tip: If you have activated one or more filter(s), the values used by the filter(s) will be automatically pre-filled in the corresponding text field. (See Item Filters.) You can however overwrite the pre-filled values by typing any other text.


Notes for materials only:

Tip: For materials, first Browse for the image of your material. This will automatically fill the Reference and Name properties with values.


Notes for Products and accessories only:

Notes For the fields A, B and C (the default labels are Category, Brand and Product Line):

Note: For the fields 1 to 6, please see Item Custom Properties before entering any value.

Note: The Shape field is used by PlanogramBuilder to generate 3D representations of your products. You can choose the closest matching shape for each product in the drop-down list, or import your own 3D models using the Browse button. Please refer to the Shape property description in Database Item Properties.

Note: With Image1, depending on the assigned shape, you can apply an image onto your item. Click on the Browse... button, browse for your image file, and then click the Open button. See Guidelines for Images for preparing images.

Note: With Image2, Image3, Image4, Image5, Image6, depending on the assigned shape, you can apply additional images to your item, click on Browse..., select your image file, then click the Open button. Only some shapes support more than one image: see Standard 3D Shapes.

Note: See Database Item Properties for details on what the Color is. See Standard 3D Shapes to see how the color is applied to your items. Color can be entered in three different ways:

Note: We do not provide a database of products with PlanogramBuilder. Typically each client provides or enters directly the information about their products: name, EAN, dimensions, etc. and the image(s) for each product. If you don't have such data available, you may be able to obtain them from the product manufacturer or from third-party product databases, such as the ones listed below:

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