Clear Database


Note: Only available to a PlanogramBuilder Administrator

This command lets you reset your entire PlanogramBuilder Database to an empty state. To delete all items from the database:

  1. Click on the Clear button on the bottom toolbar.
  2. Then confirm by clicking OK. This will remove all products and accessories and your database will then be completely empty.


Caution: All materials (except the predefined materials), all products and all accessories will be permanently deleted from the database and cannot be recovered after this operation. Make sure to at least back-up your database before Clearing Database. See Export Database for instructions to back-up.

Tip: If you have recently started using PlanogramBuilder and you have finished testing the application with the sample products provided by zVisuel, we advise you to Clear the database before inserting your own products in the database. This will avoid mixing up the sample products with your own products. You can also delete the sample project named sample planogram provided with PlanogramBuilder.

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