Database (Products, Accessories, Materials)


Video tutorial on this topic: 4: Introduction to the database


PlanogramBuilder stores all your Materials, Products and Accessories (accessories) in an online database that is automatically created and hosted on our application servers. As a PlanogramBuilder customer, you don’t have to install or set up any database, but you need to add your own products to your database.

Each PlanogramBuilder customer has a distinct database so you won’t risk sharing any confidential information with other customers. Each customer can have an unlimited number of registered users all accessing the same customer database. This system keeps your product assortment always up to date for each PlanogramBuilder user.

When you launch PlanogramBuilder, the program connects to your database and looks for the items in the database. All the items found in your database appear in the Material catalog, Product Catalog or Accessory Catalog, ready to drag and drop into your planograms projects.

In order to manage the Item List in your database, PlanogramBuilder provides a set of features, most of them accessible from the Database task.

Important Note: Standard users cannot edit the database. They have to contact a PlanogramBuilder Administrator to request changes in the database.

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