Assortment Analysis Tools

Product Catalog Assortment Mode


In addition to viewing the results in the Assortment Analysis Log, you can also use the assortment analysis results to rank and filter items in the Product Catalog.

This is very useful to help you easily find the best performing products while you are building up your planogram.


To activate the Product Catalog Assortment mode:

  1. Perform an Assortment Analysis as instructed in the above sections.
  2. Switch to Products task.
  3. Check the Assortment checkbox.



In this mode, the catalog displays a reflection of your assortment analysis results:

Products are sorted from the highest to the lowest performer.

Their respective performance percentages are displayed in blue text below the product thumbnails. The percentage values will differ if Restrict to Catalog Filters is checked or unchecked.

Low performing products (outside the specified Inclusion threshold) are hidden from the catalog listing.

Note: In Assortment mode, you can still Find Items by Text within the displayed products.

Note: Just uncheck the Assortment checkbox to display the product catalog with all products and without taking into account the assortment analysis results.


Undefined metrics are displayed with the N/A value.

Metrics based on incomplete data have the (MD) (missing data) value appended to the calculated value.


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