Assortment Analysis Log


After loading the Assortment File, the results of the analysis are shown in the log area, listing one product per line.


Tip: you can zoom in/out in the log window using Ctrl + mouse wheel. The default zoom level is reset on task switch.


Undefined metrics are displayed with the N/A value.

Metrics based on incomplete data have the (MD) (missing data) value appended to the calculated value.

Log context menu

Right-click in the log area to see its context menu.


The following tools and options are available:

Columns lets you choose the columns to display in the log:

Copy lets you copy selected text from the log (Ctrl + c).

Select All selects all the text in the log (Ctrl + a).


Tip: To preserve the text colors and format when you paste the analysis results in another application, choose the paste method labeled Rich Text Format, formatted text RTF or Keep format.

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