Assortment File


The assortment file is an Excel file defining the list of products you want to analyze.

It can contain all the products in your database or only a subset of your database.

Product references not found in your database and disabled products (see Database Item Properties) are disregarded by the analysis.


Important note:

The analysis is performed as soon as a valid file is loaded.

File selection


File text box: this shows the path and name of the currently loaded assortment file.

Clear: click on this button to clear the current file from the text box.

Browse: click on this button to select your assortment file on your PC.

Note: the file path persists over PlanogramBuilder sessions.

Note: PlanogramBuilder provides an automatic reload of the local data files. This is useful since can keep the Excel application opened to edit your local data, save changes in Excel with Ctrl-S and enjoy immediate feedback in PlanogramBuilder.

Import Log


This area shows the following information:


Tip: you can select and copy text from the import log.

Tip: you can zoom in/out in the log window using Ctrl + mouse wheel. The default zoom level is reset on task switch.



To get an example of a valid assortment file, you can download the following file listing the products in all food categories of the sample products in PlanogramBuilder:



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