5 Minutes Tour

This is a quick introduction to get started with PlanogramBuilder.

Screen Layout

Here is an overview of the PlanogramBuilder user interface:



The work screen is divided in two main areas: the current task panel on the left and the viewing area (where you see the planogram being built) on the right. The content of the left pane is dependent on the current task that you select by clicking on its tab.

There are also several buttons at the top and bottom of the work screen. The ones in the upper left area are typically used to save and load whole projects whereas the ones in the lower area let you modify the current project or change the way you look at it.

Most tools and commands are also available in the menu bar and in the context menu.

Place Your First Product


Note: A set of sample products and accessories is provided with PlanogramBuilder. This lets you test the application without having to add your own products. Database (Products, Accessories, Materials) chapter explains how to delete these products and add your own.

  1. After logging-in, make sure the Create Bay task is selected, then click on the Add button to create a new bay. (You will learn later how to specify your own parameters for new bays in Create Bay.)


  1. After the bay has appeared, click on the Products Tab.
  2. Click on Confectionery under Category.
  3. Drag & drop products from the library to shelves in the visual area.


  1. That’s it. You can now try to add more products and re-arrange them on the shelves.

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