Launch the application

Once installation is complete, you can run PlanogramBuilder:

1.      Click on the PlanogramBuilder icon on your Desktop or in your Windows Start Menu (All programs (or All Apps) > PlanogramBuilder)

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2.      Enter your account ID, user name and password as provided to you by email after purchase or registration. Note: if you are still using the web version and haven’t received an email message showing your Account ID, you can find your Account ID on your PlanogramBuilder Web application login page.


3.      Click on Login.

Note: You still need to be connected to Internet when using PlanogramBuilder since the database is online and most functions work with dynamic aspx web content.

Note: At every software update, you will be asked from within PlanogramBuilder to install the latest ActiveX. An ActiveX is used because PlanogramBuilder uses the Microsoft Windows built-in web browser control.

Note: By default, your login credentials are automatically remembered for subsequent use of PlanogramBuilder. If you prefer to enter your login information each time you launch the application, please see Startup Settings.

Startup Settings

Video tutorial on this topic: 3: Startup settings

Display login screen

If checked, forces PlanogramBuilder to always show the login screen. If unchecked, the login screen is bypassed when Save user & password is checked.

1.      Click on Settings


2.      In Settings affecting the current user only, under Login, change the following parameter:


Save user and password

If checked, the application will remember the last entered user name and password so you don’t have to type them again.

1.      Click on Settings


2.      In Settings affecting the current user only, under Login, change the following parameter:


Command line parameters

There are a few parameters you can add to the PlanogramBuilder shortcut or command to modify the way PlanogramBuilder runs.

Video tutorial on this topic: 3: Startup settings


Parameter list


This parameter lets you predefine an account ID to use when launching PlanogramBuilder. This option is useful mostly if you use several distinct PlanogramBuilder account IDs. You can create several copies of PlanogramBuilder shortcut and assign a different account ID to each shortcut, so you will be able to launch directly with the desired account.

Value: any account ID can be used as value for this parameter.

Format: /AccountID=value

Example: PlanogramBuilder.exe /accountID=goodcompany_ihrpz437

Note: The AccountID parameter name is not case sensitive.


This parameter lets you force PlanogramBuilder to use the HTTP protocol instead of the more secure HTTPS which is used by default. Use this only if your infrastructure doesn’t support HTTPS or if you are instructed to by your IT.

Value: The only value allowed for this parameter is HTTP.

Format: /Protocol=value

Example: PlanogramBuilder.exe /Protocol=HTTP

Parameter Usage

Each parameter must be entered in the following format:

PlanogramBuilder.exe /parameterName=parameterValue

Several parameters can be combined by separating them by a space:

PlanogramBuilder.exe /parameter1Name=parameter1Value /parameter2Name=parameter2Value


To enter or edit the available parameters, do as follows:

1.      Right-click on the PlanogramBuilder shortcut.

2.      In the context menu, click Properties.

3.      In Properties > Shortcut > Target, type the parameter(s) after the application path.


4.      Click OK to save your changes.

5.      Now click on the shortcut icon to start PlanogramBuilder using your parameter(s).


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