Dimension Lines

You can display onscreen the dimensions of your planogram room elements, bays, bay elements and items.

Show Dimensions

To Show Dimensions:

  1. Open the Display menu or the Context menu > Display.
  2. Select the menu item named Show dimensions. (keyboard shortcut D)


  1. Depending on the context, various dimensions are displayed onscreen:

By default, the overall width, depth and height are shown for each isolated bay and each group of adjacent bays (bay clusters).


Additionally, for each bay with at least one selected shelf, vertical shelf measures are shown. And for each bay with at least one selected divider, lateral distances between dividers are displayed.


Additionally, the overall width, depth and height of each selected room element are also displayed.


The dimensions of any bay, bay element or product facing are also displayed when clicking on one of its round handle in the corresponding Edit mode. Example:



To hide the Dimension Lines:

  1. Simply click on the Show Dimensions menu item again.


Important: A dimension is only displayed if the viewing angle and the available space allows. If you can’t see a desired dimension, orbit, zoom and pan the view to accommodate for it.

Dimension Settings

You can set the following parameters for dimension text and lines:

  1. click Settings on the upper toolbar:


  1. Set the options under Schematic View / Generic Products / Dimensions:

Font face


This sets the typeface for the Dimension Lines. It also applies to text labels on generic products, in schematic view and on products in the database that use the box shape without picture.


Dimension color


This sets the color of the dimension lines and text.


Dimension font height


This sets the font height for dimensions. The size of the dimension arrows is adjusted accordingly. The exception is in the Publish task where the dimension text and arrows are shown onscreen as a scaled preview of the Picture output based on the chosen PPI.


Note: The measurement unit used for dimensions is the same as specified for all the application in Settings > Measurement unit (see Measurement unit).

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