User Roles

PlanogramBuilder provides two possible user roles for each user, each role with different permission levels:

Typically, only one or a few managing user(s) in your company is (are) PlanogramBuilder Administrator(s).  The other users are only able to create, edit and publish planograms.

If your company has only 1 user, the user is automatically a PlanogramBuilder Administrator.

If you have more than 1 user, you can choose which user(s) should be PlanogramBuilder Administrator(s), and which should be Standard User(s).

When you order your PlanogramBuilder user licenses, you will be asked by email which user role to assign per user. You can also write at any time to to request changing the role of one or more users.

List of User Roles

Please find below a description of each user role:

PlanogramBuilder Administrator

PlanogramBuilder Administrators have access to all features of the application.

Here is the list of features available only to PlanogramBuilder Administrators:

Customizing and Editing the Product Database:

Advanced Planogram Project Management:

Set other preferences affecting all users in your account Id:

So for example, when a PlanogramBuilder Administrator adds a product to your PlanogramBuilder database, this product instantly becomes available to each user of your company for planogramming. When a PlanogramBuilder Administrator changes the logo of your company in PlanogramBuilder, it applies to all other users.

Standard User

Standard Users can run PlanogramBuilder, set individual user preferences, use the product database content, create, save and publish planograms.

So typically you will assign Standard User role to users who don’t manage the product database and don’t need to manage the planogram projects created by other users.

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