Schematic View

When activated, this special view mode shows all the products in your project in a simplified, schematic view.

Activate Schematic View

  1. Open the Display menu or the Context menu > Display.
  2. Click on Schematic View. (Keyboard shortcut V)


  1. In schematic view, text labels are displayed on objects as in the example below.



Schematic View Settings

Various options can change how items are displayed in schematic view.

To set these options:

  1. click Settings on the upper toolbar:


  1. Set the options described below.


Note: The choices you make will be remembered for your next PlanogramBuilder session.

Schematic View / Generic Products / Dimensions

Font face


This sets the typeface for the text labels. It also applies to text in dimensions, on generic products and products in the database that use the box shape without picture.

Font height


This sets the text size for text labels. For example make the text smaller to fit the label text on your products.

You can also set the font size interactively. See Font Size.


Under Schematic View:


Bay style

Show label displays the name of each bay on a label strip as shown below. Please see Bay Name to find out how to assign names to the bays.


Product style

box & label displays products as simple boxes with their caption printed on the front face:



shape & label displays products with their 3D shape, picture and a caption printed as a label strip:



Group labels combines labels for groups of adjacent same products.

When using Group labels with the box & label style, labels are grouped only vertically (ex: product no5) to help identify the products visually and prevent confusion since there is no visible product picture (ex: product no14):



When using Group labels with the shape & label style, a single label is displayed for adjacent same products:



Label Position defines the vertical position of labels relative to each product.

The following positions are available:

Tip: Combined with the shape & label product style, the On shelf/peg label position resembles the way labels are physically placed in stores.


Label color sets the color of the label background.

Label text color sets the color of the label text.


See below some examples of label positions and color combinations:


Label position: On shelf/peg



Label position: Top



Label position: Center



Label position: Below

Product label

You can choose and combine information to display on the product labels:

Position shows a label with the product position on the bay indexed from left to right, top to bottom. In reports, these numbers can then be published in Report Pictures and used in conjunction with numbers displayed in the Report List to easily identify items in the list and the picture.



Reference displays products with their unique reference printed on the front face.

Name displays products with their name printed on the front face.

Custom properties: up to 6 additional labels may be available depending on the custom properties defined for your database. Each of them shows products with the value of the selected custom property. See Item Custom Properties for help on these user definable properties.

Facings deep indicates how many depth facings ther eare for each product. See Change Product Facing Count to adjust the number of facings.

Project analysis value lets you show the current Project Analysis result on each product. See Project Analysis to configure the data to display.



Font Size

This tool lets you set the text size for text labels on generic products and products in Schematic view. For example make the text smaller if product labels don’t fit on your products.

To change the font size:

  1. Select Font Size in the Display menu or in the Context menu > Display.
  2. Move your mouse left/right or up/down to change the font size.

To reset the default value:

  1. Select Font Size in the Display menu or in the Context menu > Display.
  2. Left-click on the viewing area.

Note: The text size can also be specified precisely in the settings. See Schematic View / Generic Products / Dimensions.

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